Parent Frequently Asked Questions

What program do I sign my child up for? 
Please review the Age Level for your child and Offered Programs. Feel free to email us any questions. We are happy to assist. 

When will my child play? 
Nights of play are determined by the East Central Soccer District and are typically available in early January. Fall season games are generally played on Saturday & Sunday. Spring games are generally weekdays 5:30 - 7:00.

When will my child practice? 
Practice schedules are determined by the coaches. You’ll get this information along with practice location and other orientation type of information. 

Where are soccer games played? 
U6 children play exclusively at the Grignon Home fields in Kaukauna. U8 children play between the Grignon Home fields in Kaukauna and fields in Little Chute, Kimberly and Darboy. U9 – U19 play anywhere from Green Bay to Fond du Lac. Generally the younger ages play only in Kaukauna, Kimberly, Appleton, Neenah, and Menasha. Schedules are made according to how many teams in each age group that register. They try to split divisions to keep travel as close to home as possible for all teams. 

How long does the season run? 
There are 8 games in both spring and fall seasons. With practice times and games each season usually usually run about 3 months. 

What does the registration fee cover? 
It covers referee fees, jerseys (REC only), goals, nets, district and state dues, practice balls and pinnies, first aid supplies, coaching licenses, printing, mailing and registration expenses. Electric City soccer fees are the lowest in the area. The concession stand, sponsor fees, and any fundraising help with these expenses. 

What equipment does my child have to have? 
Soccer cleats(baseball/footabll cleats are not allowed), shin guards, soccer socks, black shorts and age appropriate ball. 

Can I request to have my child on the same team as a friend or with a certain coach? 
Rec teams are made according to neighborhood or “side of town” as best as possible. This allows for easier carpooling and a greater chance of at least some kids knowing each other on each team. You can make request to be with one other child in writing at the time of registration – BUT NO REQUEST IS A GUARANTEE. 

Why do I have to show proof of age? 
You must show proof of age at the time of registration for first time players to ensure that children of the same age are playing together for safety and fairness.

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