All Electric City REC & Classic coaches are 100% volunteer!

  • Be sure to thank your coaches for their time and commitment
  • It's true - "Coaching is its own Reward"

Coaching licenses & requirements (according to

  • Coaches working with U11 and older CLASSIC teams are required to have, at minimum, an ‘E’ level coaching certificate - 18 hour course.
  • Coaches working with U10 and younger teams are required to have, at minimum, a ‘Y1’ level coaching certificate - 3 hour course.
  • Both courses above include a sucessful background screening.
  • WYSA Risk management/Coaches Passes

What makes a good coach?

  • An open mind
  • The best coaches never stop learning how to improve

Even if you know absolutely nothing about soccer - you can be a great coach. Volunteer now

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