Electric City Players and Families,

As the snow melts away, we look forward to a fun and exciting Spring season!  It’s at this time of year that we also kick off our annual fundraiser.  Through your fundraising efforts, we are able to keep our registration fees as low as possible and some of the lowest in the Fox Valley area!  Once again, we need your assistance.  Players for all sessions (fall only, spring only or both fall and spring) agreed to participate in our club annual fundraiser during the registration process.  Similar to prior years, we will be selling coupon cards.  There are lots of new additions to the card this year! I few of them include StoneRidge Piggly Wiggly, The Chubby Seagull, The Outpost and Electric City Lanes. Check out the card to see all the new coupons!

Also new this year is prizes for selling cards. See the prize flyer for details.

Frequently asked questions and answers can be found below.  However, if you have additional questions, please contact your coach or the club at ecsoccerfundraising@gmail.com.

Thank you to all for your participation.  Have a great season!

Frequently asked questions:

  • When is the money collected from fundraising due?

Money or buyout options must be turned in by May 5th.

  • Who do I turn the fundraising money collected into?

Your team manager or coach.

  • If people want to write a check versus paying in cash who should the check be made out to?

Electric City Soccer Association

  • How many cards to I have to sell?

Each player is required to sell at least ten (10) cards.  For families with more than one player, you must sell 15 cards. Each family will be issued 10/15 cards in their envelope but more can be requested if you would like to sell more and earn prizes.

  • What if I sell some but not all of the cards?

Each player is required to sell at least ten (10) cards.  For families with more than one player, you must sell 15 cards. If some, but not all of the cards have been sold, the family is responsible for purchasing the remainder of the cards to meet the sale requirement. (For example, what happens if a family is required to sell 15 but they only sell 12? The family must purchase the 3 remaining cards to fulfill their requirement to sell 15 cards.)

  • How much should I sell the cards for?

Each card should be sold for twenty dollars ($20).

  • Is there a buyout option?


  • How does the buyout option work?

If a family chooses to take the buyout option, ALL cards issued to the family must be returned along with the slip below indicating that they elect the buyout option and payment.  The club incurs expenses for each card issued and therefore, the buyout option cannot be elected if some cards have already been sold.

  • How much is the buyout?

$150 per player. $200 per family if families have more than 1 player.

  • I still have other questions, who can I contact?

Your coach or ecsoccerfundraising@gmail.com.

  • We have non-local family or friends who would like to support the club? Are there any options other than selling the cards?

Donations to the club are welcome at any time.  Donations can be sent to Electric City Soccer Association at PO Box 424, Kaukauna, WI 54130. Our club is a 501(c)3 entity.  Please consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of any donation or buyout.

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