Elite Expectations
The Elite Program is designed for players who have achieved the highest level of ability within their age group and gender and who have expressed a high level of commitment to play the game of soccer.  The Elite Program supports these top players by providing the best in technical and tactical training and by creating a supportive environment in, which players can develop to their full capacity.  Playing time is not guaranteed however we don’t select players unless we intend to play them.  The Elite Program will provide year-round player development.  We understand there are multisport athletes; if you play other sports please contact your coach to discuss.
Elite teams will practice year-round however generally there may be downtime in November, December and July.  Practices will include coach training, goal keeper training and strength and agility training.  Training will be both indoor & outdoor held at Grignon Park or Kaukauna area school facilities.  
Our coaches dedicate considerable time planning and teaching.  They will use a variety of methods including video and classroom education sessions; they may provide homework for players. 
Players will receive developmental evaluations and feedback throughout the year.  This is an important feature of the coach-player-parent relationship as the program focus is on player development. 
Practice expectations are as follows:
  • 3 1.5-2-hour practices per week (fall and spring: Jan-Oct)
  • 1-2 1.5-2 hour practices per week (winter: Nov - Dec)
Elite teams could play in East Central, State or MRL depending on State or MRL acceptance; they will also play in tournaments. They will generally play in higher number of tournaments during the year compared to other club teams. The purpose of the tournaments is to provide players with exposure to regional teams.  Tournaments may require travel and hotel expenses.  These are in addition to any club fees and will be the responsibility of the player’s families.
Game/Tournament expectations are as follows:
  • 1 game per week in both fall and spring – up to a total of 16 league games per year
  • Games in the fall will be on the weekend
  • Games in the spring will be during the week
  • 6 total tournaments (2 fall and 4 spring)
  • Tournaments will be on the weekends
 At the Elite level the player is expected to be at practices, games and tournaments. 
Note: Practices, games and tournament expectations are subject to change based on outside factors.  Outside factor examples are weather, holidays, facility availability, tournament availability, acceptance into State or MR league, etc.
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