Electric City Soccer Academy Program for Players born in 2010 - 2013

Registration for the 2019-2020 season is now open.  Fall Registration will close on August 11, 2019

Academy Program Communication
The Electric City Academy program uses Team App for up to date team information. Once you have registered your child in the Academy program, please go to www.teamapp.com, search for, and ask to join EC ADP. You will find the most up to date schedule for practices and games on Team App.

Academy Contacts

Nate Laabs, Academy Trainer email:  electricCityRegistrar@gmail.com

Modeste Rouamba, Director of Coaching:  rodest79@yahoo.fr

What will the Fall 2019 Season look like?

The Fall 2019 season will begin in August and run through the end of October.

  • In August, fall practices will begin at Grignon Park in Kaukauna.  Two practices each week will be held with Electric City training staff.
  • Weekly league games will take place on Saturday mornings as a part of the East Central Academy League. Games will start in September and run through the end of October.
  • Games are typically scheduled between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Occasionally, there may be an early afternoon game scheduled.

Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Pricing

Full pricing can be found on the Fees page of our web site.
Notes regarding pricing

  • Tournaments and indoor sessions are not included in the pricing.
  • Players will also be required to purchase a jersey and shorts.  This is not included in the pricing.
  • Players who are registered for the Spring 2019 season are expected to participate in the spring fundraiser.

Uniform pricing

Uniform ordering will take place before the season begins via the Eagle Graphics online store

  • Adidas Squadra jersey cost:
  • Youth Jersey Sizes, $33.00
  • Adult Jersey Sizes, $35.00
  • Adidas Squadra shorts cost:
  • Youth Shorts Sizes, $18.00
  • Adult Shorts Sizes, 19.00

Background on the Academy Program

In 2016, Electric City Soccer began a new program called the Advanced Development Program (ADP). The ADP program was created for players age 6-10 and based on the Academy model created by U.S. Soccer. The program was designed to provide a challenging environment for soccer players who want to continue to improve. The program is built on three principles: increased trainings, a challenging competition level, and increased sportsmanship.  Since 2017, the program has been known as the Academy program

Academy players train twice every week. They also play in the East Central Academy League. The Academy League plays on Saturdays and all teams come to one of two locations each week. Each week, our Academy teams play as Electric City against the other clubs.

Pillars of the Academy program

The Electric City Academy program is built on four key pillars. These pillars are part of the training young players receive to help their development as a player and as a person. These pillars are:

  1. Hard work and a desire to continually improve
  2. Teamwork
  3.  A Positive Attitude
  4. Sportsmanship

What is the difference between Academy and Recreational (Rec) Soccer?

  • Academy players practice two times a week, Rec soccer players practice 1 time each week.
  • The Academy program uses a more advanced training curriculum than the Rec program does.
  • Academy soccer can be done year-round.  Rec soccer is only in spring.
  • Academy teams are formed based on ability level.  Rec teams are randomly chosen.
  • Academy players play only against other clubs.  Electric City Rec teams may play each other.
  • Academy teams are flexible and may change week to week.  Rec teams are set for the season.
  • Academy players are held to a higher level of commitment than Rec players.


Electric City Soccer relies on volunteer coaches. Volunteer coaches form better connections with players. Volunteer coaches also help to keep the Club’s costs lower. Training help will be given by Electric City staff, but volunteer coaches will coach the games. If there are not volunteer coaches, the Club may not be able to offer a certain age group or may be forced to change the pricing.  If you are willing to be a volunteer coach please contact Ron Grow, Nate Laabs, or Modeste Rouamba.

East Central Academy League

The East Central Academy League uses a different philosophy than the Recreational League. Players from Electric City all play together against other clubs. All Electric City teams play in the same location each Saturday. Rather than form set teams, pools of players are formed.  Each week, teams are formed from that pool of players. A team may remain the same for many weeks, or teams may change from week to week. This gives the coaches the flexibility to move players around, as needed, to fill teams that are short or adjust the competitiveness of the game (if necessary). The East Central Academy League has the following goal:  elminate lopsided games and try to keep the games competitive. Teams of a higher level are matched with teams of that level.

Levels of play for boys and girls:

  • U7/U8:  4 v 4, no goalie, no referee
  • U9/ U10:  7 v 7, with goalies, 3 referees, and offsides is called

How do I join?

Players do not try out to be in the Academy program. The Academy program is looking for the following:

  • Players who want to be pushed to be better.
  • Players who have the desire to listen and improve.
  • Players who are committed to attending two training sessions a week.
  • Players who are ready to work hard.


If this describes your child, please register by clicking on the registration link on our web site.

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